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A Guide to Getting Started

To Get Started...
Get a complete physical
Before starting the Metabolic Diet, or any new diet, it's good to get a complete physical from your doctor. more...

The Metabolic Diet is not a static process but a dynamic progression towards your body weight and fat loss goals

Review the phases of the Metabolic Diet
There are two ways to start the Metabolic Diet. Read and learn about which you need to use. more...

Learn what you can eat
The Metabolic Diet involves a low carb diet during the weekdays. The weekend leaves you free to eat what you want.more...

Learn when you can eat
Detailed information on when to eat carbs and how to manage them on the weekends. more...

What about supplements?
Supplements can play an important part in the Metabolic Diet. Unfortunately most of the supplements on the market today are just too high in carbs. As such, it's important to find supplements that complement the Metabolic Diet rather than jeopardize its effectiveness. more...

Download the Metabolic Diet Troubleshooting Guide
The Metabolic Diet adjusts to your needs. Because of this, the diet will change until you find your set point. Use this PDF troubleshooting guide to monitor and adjust the Metabolic Diet. Download (254kb)

NitAbol Combo:
GHboost, Myosin, TestoBoost
Muscle Building


Experiment with the diet to find what works for you
Personal experience and individual body chemistry will have a great deal to do with how you structure the diet. Different people will have differing responses to the carb loading portion of the diet. The length of that carb-loading period may vary greatly as a result.

The 30 gram carbohydrate limit is also not written in stone. It serves as a good guide and should be adhered to when beginning the assessment phase. Once you've made the "metabolic shift" and made the diet a part of your life, you can experiment to find what works best for you.

Fat levels may also be experimented with to some degree. Some may find optimum results going as low as 30 percent fat on the diet, but you must beware; you still need fat! If you don't give the body fat, protein will get eaten up as energy. The body will try to transform any excess calories available to storage fat and limit the use of body fat. It says basically, "I'm not going to get rid of this stuff because I may need it down the road." Limit fat in your diet and your body wants to lay it on as a way of keeping it around. You end up cutting dietary fat but adding bodyfat.iv This may sound like nonsense, but it's not. Give the body fat and it will use that fat and burn off bodyfat too. When you're in a dieting mode, the more fat you give it, the freer it will be with enzymes for fat breakdown, and the more bodyfat you'll lose. You basically lose fat by eating fat.

Again, it's important to realize that individual experimentation will play a large role in aspects of the Metabolic Diet. The diet should be varied to provide the optimum level of performance and success for the individual. We're all different to some degree according to body chemistry and needs. No two human beings are alike. No two human beings will implement this diet entirely alike, either. As you make the diet a part of your daily lifestyle, experiment with it to find the best way to execute the diet for you.


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Dr. Di Pasquale is a licensed physician in Ontario, Canada, focusing on Nutrition and Sports Medicine, as well as a world class athlete for over twenty years... [more]

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