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Welcome to MetabolicDiet.com: The Cutting Edge of Diet, Nutrition and Supplement Information"

The Metabolic Diet can be the answer to everyone's dieting quest. The Holy Grail of Diets. I wrote the Metabolic Diet to introduce some of the principles I first wrote about in the Anabolic Diet to the general public. The Metabolic Diet, at over 500 pages as against less than 100 pages for the Anabolic Diet, was not just an a rewrite of my Anabolic Diet, it also contained a more sophisticated look at the diet with new variations, expanded on the synergistic use of low carb nutritional supplements, and introduced the Metabolic Index as a guide to fat loss and body composition. Unlike all other diets, the Metabolic Diet is like a living entity in that it adjusts itself to each individual's macronutrient needs. By using the Metabolic Diet you can dial in your metabolism to the kind of diet that's best for you. Read more about it...

Save up to 50% on selected supplement packages.

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MD+ Products comply with the latest WADA drug testing protocols

The MD+ supplement line complies with the 2015 World Anti-Doping Agency standards. Additionally, all MD+ supplements are made in a pharmaceutical-grade facility, certified for Good Manufacturing Practices. The supplements are guaranteed to be free of contamination from pro-hormones and ephedra. Read this article for more details.

New Products Announcement

Dr. Di Pasquale has completely reformulated LipoFlush, EFA+, Metabolic and ReNew. He has also introduced two new products “InControl”, and “InsideOut”. Read more here... (282kB Adobe Acrobat File) .

In The News...
Dr. Di Pasquale has been interviewed on the premiere broadcast of SuperHuman Radio. Listen to the show... [low] [high] Dr. Di Pasquale's interview starts at 33:30.

Bob Sapp was recently interviewed by Muscle&Fitness. When asked about his work with Dr. Di Pasquale, he praised the MD+ line of supplements. "You can't do what I'm doing without them".

Metabolic DietSupplements
  • Phase Shift Diets - Back to the Future (6/12/2006) free
  • Weight and Fat Loss – Effects of Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin D (2/16/2006) free
  • Weight Loss is an Oxymoron (11/28/2005) free
  • The Nutritional Equivalent to Liposuction (11/25/2005) free
  • Dealing With Stretch Marks (11/23/2005) free
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  • Essential Fatty Acids and EFA+ (2/27/2008) free
  • Factors Affecting Muscle Mass (2/15/2007) free
  • Alanine – the Essential, Non-Essential Amino Acid (1/15/2007) free
  • InsideOut - Skin Therapy for Bodybuilders (3/8/2006) free
  • A Better Way - Protecting Yourself Against Sun Damage (3/6/2006) free
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    Cellusol: The Six-Week, Three-Phase Cellulite and Weight Loss Solution

  • Essential Fatty Acids and EFA+ (2/27/2008) free
  • Post Exercise Carbohydrates May Be Counter-Productive (5/28/2007) free
  • Slow and Fast Dietary Proteins (4/15/2007) free
  • Factors Affecting Muscle Mass (2/15/2007) free
  • Anabolic Synergism - Amino Acids and Exercise (1/30/2007) free
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  • Post Exercise Carbohydrates May Be Counter-Productive (5/28/2007) free
  • Slow and Fast Dietary Proteins (4/15/2007) free
  • Sleep is Anabolic (3/31/2007) free
  • Anabolic Synergism - Amino Acids and Exercise (1/30/2007) free
  • Alanine – the Essential, Non-Essential Amino Acid (1/15/2007) free
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    Dr. Mauro Di Pasquale

    Dr. Di Pasquale is a licensed physician in Ontario, Canada, focusing on Nutrition and Sports Medicine, as well as a world class athlete for over twenty years... [more]

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    Radical Weight Loss

    Read about the Radical Diet eBook and Program, a unique a short-term diet plan meant for rapid weight loss (30 pounds of fat in two months!). Save on special introductory packages.[more]

    Free Anabolic Solution eBooks

    Get the FREE abridged editions of the Anabolic Solution eBooks for Powerlifters and for Bodybuilders. A natural and effective alternative to the use of powerful, and dangerous, body shaping drugs and surgery. The Anabolic Solution is The Anabolic Steroid Alternative. [more]

    Bob Sapp Trains with the Metabolic Diet / Anabolic Solution

    Bob Sapp, aka "The Beast", uses the Metabolic Diet, Anabolic Solution and the MD+ line of supplements [read about Bob] -- [see more of our clients]

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