Sexual health is an important part of all of our lives. In youth, although both sexes differ to some extent, sexual health is often taken for granted and there are few major problems. However, as we age, there are similarities and distinct differences in how we view and arrive at sexual health. Changes in the sexual hormones portend changes in libido and performance issues, which are often worsened by various chronic and acute diseases. However, while many factors contribute to sexual health, including your physical, psychological, social state.The presence of abscence of disease, while a contributing factor, can be overcome with the right approach to your sexuality.

In this site we’ll deal with many of the issues affecting both men’s and women’s sexual health, and provide some answers as to how to deal with these issues so that your sexual well being and satisfaction can be maximized regardless of your age and problems you may be having. The combination of a reasonable lifestyle, proper diet, exercise, and targeted nutritional supplements form the foundation of optimal sexual health and we’ll be exploring all of these, bringing to you the information you need from a combination of cutting edge research, my over 40 years of medical and research experience, as well as all my many years of practical expeirnce in the fitness, exercise, and sports trenches.