The information on this site is not going to be about how to attract women, clothes that make the man, what women want in a man, or any of the other fluff that permeates magazines, other sites, and self help books. I’m not going to give you pointers on personal hygiene, how to clean your grill, color your hair, make that perfect cheese cake, or make friends.

What I will do is help you get healthier, avoid common diseases, including those peculiar to men, get fitter, and improve your body composition and athletic performance. We’ll be looking at ways to improve your lifestyle, training, nutrition, and the use of nutritional supplements so that you’ll have a longer, more productive and satisfying life.

I’ll interpret the research that’s out there, especially the studies and articles as they come out, and present the information, not in an isolated way that so many others do, but in context with what I already know and how I feel it’s relevant to your needs and goals.