While in this section of the site I’ll be introducing training information and regimens for various goals and sports, much of the information on training will be in the Education section of the site, my articles, Q&A, and blogs. Most of the information here will be added more slowly than the rest of my site as my focus is more on the effects of diets and nutritional supplements on health, fitness, body composition and peformance.

As well, training information and regimens are included in all of my books. For specific training regimens for many sports, there is the Strength Kit, which is available in the store. This is an excellent book that contains illustrated techniques for lifting, Plyometrics, and stretching. It has complete strength and conditioning programs for teen sports (football, volleyball, soccer, tennis, basketball, wrestling, baseball, cross country, swimming, and track). These are tried and true regimens that resist the test of time.