I guess you could call this COMING SOON as I’m in the process of rejuvenating the Metabolic Diet Nutritional Certification Council (MDNCC), an international body that provides nutritional certification at several levels. I will personally guide you through all the complex nutritional theories and information so that you’ll understand how it all fits in and be able to use the information in everything that you do. More information on the seminars and certifications will soon be available.

MDNCC is all about discovering the science behind my innovative phase shift diets, which the Metabolic Diet best represents and which leave all the other diets behind when it comes to improving health, body composition and performance.

MDNCC seminars are about cutting edge diet and nutrition. Those attending the seminars will learn how to manipulate their metabolism through targeted nutrition, how to control their body weight and body composition, and how to improve their health, well being and performance.

By attending the Metabolic Diet Nutrition Certification Council seminar you will gain knowledge about all aspects of nutrition and nutritional supplements and how they relate to weight loss, body composition and athletic performance. You will be the expert on the theory and practice of the Metabolic Diet, Dr. Di Pasquale’s innovative phase shift diet, and his targeted line of nutritional supplements.

As you learn you will be able to apply the principles of the Metabolic Diet to formulate dietary and nutritional supplement plans for yourself and for others for a variety of purposes including weight and body fat loss, increasing muscle mass, improving fitness and optimizing athletic performance.

At the end of your first seminar you will receive a Certificate of Attendance, which I will personally sign. Getting the Certificate of Attendance means you will have completed the first required step towards your full MDNCC certification.