Baby boomers have started turning 65 years old this year. The first of the baby boomers, those born in 1945, are now becoming seniors. But as usual baby boomers will re-invent their age group.

The baby boomers will re-define aging and all that goes with aging. Theirs will be a youth-focused mind-set coupled with a health-conscious lifestyle. It won’t consist of sitting back relaxing and watching TV, enjoying doing nothing once they retire.

No they’ll be seriously engaged, active, and taking their health, diet and exercise seriously. They just won’t be saying that I’m still young at heart, they’ll actually be younger than their chronological age. Their bodies will be keeping up with their mind set because they’ll be taking care of their bodies be staying active and engaged in life, and watching their environment and nutrition.

Part of that is that they’ll be convinced that both cardiovascular and resistance training are important for their ongoing health and ability to enjoy life. Keeping their muscle and bones strong will serve them well as they age gracefully and successfully.

My Boomer Solution is to give you the information and tools to stay healthy and strong and be younger than your chronological age. You will be as young as you feel. We’ll help you produce a body and mind set that exceeds natural expectations, all without the use of dangerous and counter productive, hormones, drugs, and invasive procedures (such as liposuction and plastic surgery), which may give the illusion of staying young but are only window dressing hiding the deterioration within.

Lifestyle, exercise, diet and the use of specific nutritional supplements will make the difference. By treating yourself well, you’ll maintain a healthy body and mind and enjoy the years to come.