Dr. Di Pasquale, a former IPF World Champion Powerlifter, and the father of low-carb, cyclical dieting, and author of both the Anabolic and Metabolic Diets, now introduces the Anabolic Solution for Powerlifters – a natural and effective alternative to the use of powerful, and dangerous anabolic drugs.

While it’s true that there are no magic shortcuts to success, the Anabolic Solution for Powerlifters is your best bet for increasing your strength and muscle mass in the shortest amount of time, whether you are a professional or recreational powerlifter.

The Anabolic Solution is all about manipulating lean body mass and body fat. And it does this by affecting metabolic changes and altering the body’s anabolic and the catabolic hormones and growth factors.

Since it’s muscle that moves the heavy weight, not fat, the aim of any powerlifter should be to hit the top allowable weight in their weight class with a minimum of body fat, unless you’re a superheavyweight. In the supers being the heaviest you can be is an advantage for two reasons. The extra weight, even if it’s mostly fat, can be a big help in the squat and to a lesser in the bench and lift, and no matter how much fat you put on some muscle always comes with it.

But Anabolic Solution is more than just the best natural way to reach your powerlifting goals. By duplicating much of what people get from the use of ergogenic and body composition changing drugs the Anabolic Solution is a safe, effective, and natural alternative to the use of these drugs.

The “just say no” to drugs mantra adopted by so many in our society is an exercise in futility, especially in the powerlifting, bodybuilding, fitness and sporting world. What we need, instead of all the naysayers, is a viable alternatives to drug use. And that’s just what we have in Anabolic Solution

Besides offering the best powerlifting system in the world, and a viable alternative to drug use, the Anabolic Solution explains both the art and science behind the use of the Metabolic Diet and sophisticated nutritional supplements, explaining why and how they work and how they can best be used in various phases training phases.