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    LipoFlush Competition version IV, formulated for drug tested athletes, is a major improvement over previous versions of LipoFlush  with changes in many ingredients that make up this newest formulation. More than ever before LipoFlush competition version VI is a research-driven, synergistic blend of natural ingredients designed to dramatically decrease body fat, increase energy levels, preserve skeletal muscle, and provide major health benefits.

    Revolutionary Fat Loss Formula
    LipoFlush Competition version VI (New version available February, 2018)

    I introduced LipoFlush Competition version VI is formulated for Drug Tested athletes. Even though the ingredients in LipoFlush Extreme version VI contains no banned substances it does contain some substances that are the WADA/IOC watch list. The list contains ingredients that are watched to see how and how prevalent is their use, they are not banned substances and will not trigger a positive drug test. However, since some athletes are wary of a product that has ingredients on the watch list I reformulated LipoFlush version VI removing any ingredients on the watch list.

    Both versions of LipoFlush version VI are major improvement over LipoFlush version V with significant changes in the ingredients that make up this newest formulations. Unlike previous versions of LipoFlush, version VI contains 180 tabs instead of the 120 tabs of previous versions and has all new packaging. The increased number of tablets was necessary for two reasons, one to accommodate the increase in the amount of ingredients in each dose and two to make the tablets easier to take.

    LipoFlush Does It All:

    • Flushes fat from your body, and decreases the number of fat cells, much like liposuction.
    • Decreases fat absorption and increases body fat breakdown.
    • Keeps energy levels high.
    • Reverses the effects that cutting back on calories has on the body.
    • Suppresses appetite.
    • Keeps your metabolism going 24 hours a day so that you lose and burn fat even while you sleep.
    • Improves your health.
    • And much more.

    Information on the new LipoFlush Competition version VI and the graphics of the bottle will soon become available and the following links will also soon be updated.


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