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The combination of InControl and ReNew combates both psychological and physical stress since the two are often combined.

USD $129.9

Cutting-Edge Antioxidant Formula

Antiox version IV is by far the most effective antioxidant on the market today. With its synergistic blend of several dozen antioxidants, and endogenous antioxidant precursors, Antiox provides targeted antioxidant support to all tissues in the body, especially the musculoskeletal and neuroendorcrine systems, and the liver.*

USD $76.95

Creatine Advantage is an advanced creatine formula that maximizes the anabolic and energy enhancing effects of creatine.*

While creatine monohydrate has been shown to enhance athletic performance, and to increase strength and muscle mass, these effects are enhanced in Creatine Advantage by combining creatine with other ingredients.*

USD $74.95

EFA+ version V (NEW) is an enhanced essential fatty acid formula containing optimum levels of the essential fatty acids as well as several other additive and synergistic ingredients.

USD $72.95

Increasingly over the past few decades research is showing that supplementing your diet with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, essential fatty acids and other ingredients can keep you out of harms way, help deal with certain diseases, provide a foundation for optimal health, and improve mental and physical performance.

USD $188.85

Growth Hormone Enhancer.

GHboost version VI (NEW – sixth formulation of GHboost as of  Aug 2018) stacks a number of different growth hormone releasing compounds that maximize natural GH secretion and has significant effects on fat loss, body composition, and performance.

USD $95.95

Get the ultimate hormone replacement and optimization package!

USD $264.95

InControl is formulated to influence several pathways in the brain to improve concentration, focus, memory and cognition, and to decrease anxiety and its associated physical effects such as rapid heart beat, sweating, nervousness, shakiness, etc.

USD $59.95

Joint Support version VI (NEW) is formulated to support muscle, cartilage and joint function in many ways.

USD $86.95

Metabolic version V (NEW) is formulated to help regulate and optimize metabolic and hormonal processes that can be disrupted by exercise, dieting, stress and aging.

USD $84.95

Charge Up Your Brain & Your Body

USD $134.95

MRP LoCarb is a high protein/low carbohydrate/ moderate fat meal replacement powder containing the most advanced protein blend on the market.

USD $93.95

Multiple Vitamin & Mineral Formula
MVM – NEW version VI

MVM is a comprehensive, specially balanced multiple vitamin and mineral formula designed to provide full-spectrum nutrition for anyone who diets and/or exercises.

USD $59.95

Fiber and Probiotic Supplement

Regulate is an effective blend of natural soluble and insoluble fibers formulated to deal with bowel irregularity and to promote both bowel and overall health. *

USD $39.95

Advanced Immune System Enhancer

ReNew is formulated not only to enhance the immune system, but also to normalize the metabolism and to naturally support thyroid, testosterone, GH, insulin and andrenergic function.

USD $72.95

Testosterone Boosting Formula

TestoBoost Version VI (NEW) is by far the most powerful natural testosterone booster, and libido and sex drive enhancer on the market today. Version 5 is the third reformulation of the original TestoBoost, which came out 15 years ago. Each version has been improved by taking into account new research, my own clinical work, and feedback from those who used it.

USD $89.95