Joint Support Version VI – Single

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    Joint Support version V (NEW) is formulated to support muscle, cartilage and joint function in many ways.

    Joint Support version VI (NEW) is formulated to support muscle, cartilage and joint function in many ways.

    1. By maintaining tissue integrity it helps prevent musculoskeletal problems.*
    2. By providing the ingredients, mechanisms and stimulus for repair of injured or damaged musculoskeletal tissue, whatever the cause.*
    3. By offering relief for aches and pains.*
    4. By Protecting joints and other tissues from the effects of excessive exercise.*

    Multiple ingredients in Joint Support work along synergistic pathways to decrease inflammation and promote the body’s natural synthesis and maintenance of joints, ligaments, muscles and tendons. It protects, prevents and helps in the repair of musculoskeletal injuries and inflammation, regardless of the cause.

    Joint Support contains Biocell Collagen II, designed for the treatment of connective tissue disorders, osteoarthritis, degenerative joint disease, joint defects, vascular disease, and cartilage injuries.*

    Directions: Six tablets once, twice or three times a day depending on whether it’s used for joint support (once a day) or for muscle recovery (twice to three times a day).*

    Contents: 180 tablets.

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