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    The Complete Night Time Anabolic / Anticatabolic / Fat-Burning Combo For Men and Women


    The Complete Night Time Anabolic / Anticatabolic / Fat-Burning Combo For Men and Women

    NitAbol involves 3 formulations to increase muscle mass and decrease bodyfat while you sleep.

    TestoBoost – Increases Testosterone levels naturally, without the use and side effects of the prohormones.

    GHboost – Naturally increases growth hormone and IGF-I to above physiological levels.

    Myosin Protein – Provides long lasting nighttime protein nutrition that maximizes protein synthesis, decreases muscle breakdown.

    The goal of NitAbol is to:

    • Counter the nighttime postabsorptive catabolic effects, increase recovery, fat burning and protein synthesis.
    • Minimize the catabolic effects of the postabsorptive phase.
    • Increase fat utilization over protein.
    • Increase insulin sensitivity.
    • Increase muscle, central nervous system and systemic recovery during sleep.
    • Anti-inflammatory effects for increased recovery.

    Myosin Protein Complex

    Myosin Complex is the most advanced synergistic blend of the highest quality protein powders, peptides and amino acids on the market today, bar none. It contains the perfect amino acid mix to maximize protein synthesis, decrease muscle breakdown and enhance athletic performance. Since Myosin Protein was engineered to increase protein synthesis with fast and intermittent spikes of blood amino acids, and to decrease protein/muscle breakdown with a sustained low-level increase in blood amino acids, it is ideal as a nighttime protein.

    Directions: 2 to 4 scoops before bed mixed in water or diet drink (no carbs).

    4 Scoops of Myosin Protein Complex contains 60 grams of mixed proteins and 8 grams of glutamine peptides – a total of 68 grams of protein/peptides/amino acids.


    GHboost is formulated to increase muscle mass and decrease bodyfat by increasing the natural production of growth hormone (GH) and insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I).

    Because of its effective dual action, it’s an advanced growth hormone stimulating product that has been clinically proven to increase GH and IGF-I levels, often well above physiological levels.

    In one clinical study using GHboost for a six week period, GH levels (measured in the blood by radioimmunoassay—RIA) were increased from 0.2 to 7.4—the normal range was from 0 to 4). The increase in both GH and IGF-I greatly enhances muscle development, strength, and size while decreasing bodyfat.

    When used before bed GHboost will increase the natural growth hormone spike associated with the first deep sleep cycle of the night (usually within 2 hours of going to sleep) and enhance the long term increase in insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-I). The combination increase of both hormones increases protein synthesis, decreases muscle catabolism, and increases the use of bodyfat as the main energy source all night long.

    NitAbol, the nighttime protein combination, uses GHboost along with TestoBoost (to increase levels of testosterone) and Myosin Protein Complex, to provide a nighttime anabolic, anti-catabolic, fat burning effect that lets you grow muscles and burn bodyfat while you sleep.

    Directions: Three tablets before bed.


    TestoBoost maximizes your anabolic potential by physiologically elevating your natural testosterone levels. Not only does TestoBoost contain natural ingredients that increase testosterone formation, it also has ingredients that decrease any potential side effects from conversion of testosterone to estrogens and dihydrotestosterone. By boosting testosterone, TestoBoost has beneficial effects on increasing muscle mass, decreasing bodyfat, and on fertility and impotence.

    TestoBoost is all natural and elevates serum testosterone levels without using any prohormones, compounds with potentially serious side effects and very little effects on testosterone levels.

    Used at night TestoBoost adds to the anabolic and anticatabolic effects of GHboost to further increase protein synthesis, decrease muscle catabolism, enhance recovery and burn off bodyfat while you sleep.


    For men: Four tablets before bed.
    For women: One to two tablets before bed.

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